At Yahui Bio we take pride in our 100% pure delicious, aromatic, and organic, therapeutic coffee blend. Our coffee can be enjoyed by the cup or as a cleanse with our enema kit. The benefits one may experience with our unique coffee blend are weight loss, increased energy, and reduced stress. It may also help with improving digestion, boosting immunity, and enhancing cellular regeneration.


Amie-sII is an ampule serum made up of a combination of 18 natural botanical extracts and patented ingredients developed by South Korean scientists that have been tested and proven to be highly effective for improving skin texture.he newest iteration of Amie-sII contains EGF, or epidermal growth factor, which stimulates the creation of new skin cells when applied.


Amie-sII Bubble Essence is an innovative daily serum for your face and neck based on a unique formula that includes 7 peptides, 18 amino acids, and more than 15 extracts from various plants ranging from the Peony Flower to Grapefruit.The air bubble technology enhances blood circulation and creates a micro-massage effect on the skin, helping the serum penetrate the pores of the skin.