Coffee Enema Combo Kit Wholesale

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When external toxins are ingested, they can build up in the colon or liver, causing adverse health effects. The Yahui Bio Enema Kit provides a safe way to detoxify the colon, intestines, and liver at home without assistance. Yahui Bio takes your health seriously and offers only the finest quality of materials, durable enough to last a lifetime. Our system includes a patented exclusive “S” hook which unique design enables the bucket to tilt towards the user, aiding the flow of enema solution and preventing waste. The "S" hook makes our system unique in the sense that it is a complete kit that can be used with ease and without assistance. Our kit can be used with both regular and coffee enemas.


Yahui Bio Combo Enema Kit includes:

1 Yahui Bio Stainless Steel Enema Bucket (1000 mL)

1 Yahui Bio Borosilicate Glass Enmea Bucket (1000mL)

2 sets of Yahui Bio Enema Tubing Equipment

2 S-hooks

1 Enema Kit Instruction Guide

1lb of Yahui Bio Therapeutic Coffee Blend